Thursday, February 2, 2012


What a week of devotions it has been! I have several devotional books that I read and most of the time I can always get something out of them, occasionally there will be one that completely looses me or I think is boring but for the most part I love my daily devotion.

This week I have had some really good scriptures and stories! Here are three that I particularly enjoyed, all focused on the subject of Faith.

Because God is the One who saves me I can trust and not be afraid. Picture a small child who has fallen asleep in the arms of his father. The body is relaxed, the eyes are closed, and everything at rest. Because the child has seen the constant protection of his father in the past, he can nestle fearlessly in the arms of this one that has been so trustworthy before. We are just like that little one. As we reexamine the faithfulness of our God in the past, we find it easier and easier to trust, to rest, and to allow His strength and song to carry us through every situation in life. The One who never broke a promise has said, "I will never leave you nor forsake you" Hebrew 13:5 and "I am with you always" Matthew 28:20. His faithfulness deserves our Faith. (written by Lana Bateman)
{To be read with Isaiah 12:1-3}

The first time I watched my daughter's state basketball tournament, I worried that her team would lose. Now I relax, eat popcorn and enjoy the reruns of the state win with confidence because I know the final outcome. I am learning to see life's challenges through similar eyes. By looking back on what God has done, I trust Him more for what he will do. My mother says, "we know who wins because we've read the end of the book." To me, faith means relaxing, eating my popcorn  and enjoying the game with confidence, no matter how close the score gets. (written by Lynda Hunter-Bjorklund)

{To be read with Habakkuk 2:4}

In my early days of faith, I didn't understand how mountains could fall into the sea literally and figuratively. I knew people who had begged God to do one thing or another, only to feel as though their prayers were never heard. But I get it better now. If we ask in faithful prayer, it won't matter if our problem is actually solved or not. Because God promises us this: Mountains won't be an issue. Faith means if the mountain doesn't fall in to the sea, He'll show us a way around it. (written by Karen Kingsbury)
                                                       {To be read with Matthew 21:20-22}

These have been an added blessing to my week! Hope they can do the same for you!

 (reference Women of Faith Devotional Bible, pg: 840,1139, 1204)

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