Saturday, January 28, 2012

this week {spiritually}

what a great week it was! and it's amazing how quickly i am reminded that by all the little things that happen...

so tuesday at church, a new Bible study started called "what's your story," a study through Ephesians. it was enlightening, encouraging and truthful. it made me take a hard look at myself and think about my story and wonder, am i letting God write my story and give him all of the glory or am i trying to control it all?

then wednesday rolled around, church night!.....

 now when i think about wednesday night church i think about my grandmother Lula Mae. i think about how she has maybe never missed a "wednesday night prayer meeting" at Mt.View Baptist Church.
(in that photo is the church i grew up in and that blue truck is my grandmother's brother's truck, uncle Dono. how funny it's a family member....)

 we have attended a few wednesday night services at our church and i really enjoy them. ken, our pastor is awesome at making the Bible and understandable piece of literature. he breaks it down for people who have a hard time deciphering what it really means, like me. and with our upcoming mission trip i feel like i need all the biblical wisdom i can get.

 on wednesday, ken spoke on having a life that is dedicated in service of others and leading a life of sacrifice and being a light in this world for others! living a great life is making a commitment to leading an ever changing life to serve one purpose: glorifying His kingdom. we are pumped to serve God on this mission trip!

and finally saturday church! all i have to say is that what a blessing it is to be involved in a place we love going and knowing people who love and pray for us on a daily basis. WHAT A BLESSING.

give it up for GOD! Whoop!

Above all, put on love- the perfect bond of unity.   Col. 3:14

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